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The assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of your injury

All our appointments begin with a consultation, which will help us determine what is causing your current problem, and attempt to determine why it come about. This then helps us formulate a treatment plan for you and preventative strategies to stop it coming back.

Depending on the outcome of the assessment will determine what treatment is recommended for you. Your Therapist will discuss this with you and ensure you understand what we will need to do, what it is you can do and ensure you understand why this is. This way, we can work together and accelerate your recovery.

We allow 1 hour for our consultations, enabling us to carry out a thorough assessment, with time for treatment and advice.


With every injury comes the need for thorough rehabilitation to ensure there is minimal risk of further problems down the line

Our Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are well experienced in tailoring rehabilitation specifically to your needs, with your injury and body in mind. We do not have set exercise sheets as we will modify each programme based on your progressions and functional capabilities, along with your goals in mind.

Pre-operate and Post-operative rehabilitation is commonly carried out in our clinic, and we have a lift on site to allow for ease of access to the clinic so that we can start as soon as your discharged from hospital.

Sports Rehabilitation
Sports Therapy Treatment

Sports Therapy

Rehabilitating you back to your peak physical condition

Our Sports Therapists provide a range of skills, all working towards rehabilitation from your injury and progressing your physical condition to keep you injury free.

They work similarly and alongside our Physiotherapists to check you are recovering as you should be, alongside providing high-quality exercise prescription, deep tissue massage and advice and guidance with the goal to return you to your everyday work and sporting goals.

Our Sports Therapists are there to guide you, prompt you, motivate you and support you so that you always have someone to discuss your recovery with.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage to relieve pain and aid healing

Sports Massage is used synonymously with deep tissue massage. During all of our Sports Massage sessions, we spend a brief moment to determine what you want to achieve from the treatment, assess to determine the best areas to work on and then treat using the most effective techniques we can for your circumstances.

The aim of the treatment is not to cause as much pain as possible, but to mobilise the muscles and other tissues in a way that relieves tightness, stress, tension and importantly – pain! In doing so, some parts of the treatment can cause discomfort, however all our experienced practitioners will judge this on you and what you are comfortable with.

We will talk to you throughout to ensure the areas we are working on are improving and explain what we are doing and why. This means you can relax, rest assured you are being treated in good hands and will go away feeling positive that you are starting the recovery process.

Sports Massage Treatment


Acupuncture involves the use of fine needs placed in specific points in the body to help relieve pain and encourage healing

As a whole, acupuncture aims to restore equilibrium within the body by promoting good health and function.

We use a combination of traditional Chinese techniques alongside a modern westernised approach to assess and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as joint pain, chronic conditions and muscular tightness to help speed up the healing process.

Our therapists commonly use this as an additional treatment to other forms of treatments such as exercise, sports massage, advice and electrotherapy.

Postural and Performance Screening

Building resilience stems from solid foundations and after all, prevention has to be better than cure!

We all have our own goals, be it to be able to play football on a regular basis or be able to complete a days work without experiencing pain. Our therapists are skilled in identifying postural and biomechanical faults that can lead to pain, dysfunction or potentially injury.

If you are interested in what you can do to improve your posture at work, in day to day living or function during sport, whilst reducing your risk of injury, please book in with one of our Physiotherapists, who would be happy to perform a detailed assessment. The assessment is bespoke to you, your sport/activity and will be combined with feedback as to how you make improvements and why they are important to your goals.

Postural and Performance Screening

For appointments or to speak with a Physiotherapist call 02380 47 56 37.

Our clinic reception is open 09.00am – 5.00pm, Monday-Friday.